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Gay Boyfriend Techno Remix. Subverted in the end when Marik seduces Bakura, not the other way around. A Lipstick Lesbian , in Yuri , or Girls' Love , who is openly attracted to someone can also take this role. Edd from Ed, Edd n Eddy is almost automatically this in every pairing and he has a lot of them , including him and girls. The shy, pacifist Lillie often becomes this whenever she's paired up with another girl, such as Selene.

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Mihashi is a literal baseball pitcher and Abe is a catcher. Gay Boyfriend Full Band Version. The Hazards - Gay Boyfriend. Gay Boyfriend SS Mix. The only thing stopping this from being a stereotypical Boys' Love romance is that the Seme figure is a woman. So much, that sometimes he's portrayed as an uke even with his somewhat-canon girlfriend Suzuna, who is much more assertive than he is.

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Junjou Romantica provides three different types of ukes. Though what passes for an Official Couple has lost support from a surprising number of fans because "they're both uke". So prevalent is this custom that a well-known and oft derided process in Slash Fic is Wimpification , or feminizing one half of a slash pairing to fit this character type regardless of canon characterization. Note that Chizuru is taller , older , and far more aggressive in her pursuit of Kouta. Ukes of Hazzard - Gay Boyfriend.

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