Finding out your gay story

Most gay or same-sex attracted people have always been so - some becoming aware of this as they become sexually aware, but others being aware of it from a much younger age. It's about them, not you - but get support if you need it Following on from the previous point, there is some unhelpful thinking around which lays the blame for homosexuality at the door of the child's parents. Dr Diamond is a lesbian fully in favour of gay rights, so you may not agree with all of her views, but her research is extremely thorough and illuminating. Even a long post can only scratch the surface and do check out the resources below, especially the book by Mark Yarhouse. If you are struggling not to blame yourself, feel guilty, overreact and so on, it could be that you need some space and help to process your own emotions and response. Living Out on facebook.

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How should I respond if my child comes out to me?


Yes, I know I already said this once! Living Out on facebook. That kind of conversation is just not what your child needs at this stage. I just wanted to be 'normal' Sean whatever normal means, anyway , the way I had always been. Some people feel very uncomfortable with the idea, for example, of their adult children having a sexual partner to stay overnight in the same room. But third, and most importantly, such a statement still makes the assumption that being 'straight' is the normal sexuality which they are deviating from - whereas, as I have just pointed out, 'straight' sexuality is equally fallen from God's good original created purposes.

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Another way in which age is a factor is that labelling yourself as gay, bisexual and transgender from a young age may not be helpful. I appreciate that this is another tightrope! You might feel guilty or upset, but your child is not the person to process that with. The fact is, nobody knows for sure what causes anyone's sexual orientation - whether straight, L, G, B, T, or something else check out Ed Shaw's article on 'Why are some people same sex attracted? Love and accept them unconditionally Let's start with the obvious, and the most important!

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